Our Vision

The Foundry™ is a hotbed of innovation, entrepreneurship, and community-focused action. The Foundry, 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo New YorkOver the next year, this 30,000 square foot building is being transformed into:

  • Workshop and office space for artists, artisans, tradespeople, and small businesses
  • A multi-function community space for performance, education and public gatherings
  • A neighborhood anchor institution for artistic expression, creative exchange, and the encouragement of new ideas and productive action.

Getting Down to Business

Located on Buffalo’s East Side at 298 Northampton Street, The Foundry provides workshop space, tools, peer knowledge and shared inspiration for emerging artisans and artists looking to incubate their small businesses.

Rent for participating entrepreneurs includes utilities, access to a growing inventory of reclaimed materials that can be utilized for projects, and first priority on professional and skill development classes.

What Are People Saying About The Foundry?

“The Foundry is a community making and doing space that leverages the power of cooperation and collaboration in projects that enrich our community and make it more resilient.”
Farmer-Pirate Rob Galbraith

“The Foundry has become an inspirational community gathering place, where people come to celebrate everything from artistic performances to artisan collaboration.”

“It seems as if every week I discover something new about The Foundry. Maybe that’s because the craftspeople who run The Foundry are constantly incorporating new facets into the workings of the DIY machine. Whether it’s woodworking or glass cutting, The Foundry continues to amaze and inspire, by being open to new ideas. The Foundry has become a support group for people who like to build, perform, teach and learn, and it’s artisans like Megan McNally (Rusted Grain) who continually search out new ways to make The Foundry current, both within its walls and out in the community.”
Newell Nussbaumer, Buffalo Rising

“The Foundry is a gem and a shot in the arm to the artistic community.”
R. Rumsey

A Growing Creative Community

A few creative and adventurous entrepreneurs have joined The Foundry community:

We’re looking for other artisans, artists and small businesses to add to this list. If you’re looking for space or know of someone who is, please contact us.

The Foundry is a project of NET+POSITIVE. Check out the NET+POSITIVE website here.

Location and contact information for The Foundry can be found here.