Frequently Asked Questions for Our Vendors

Who’s my contact at The Foundry?

Kevin Hayes, kevin {at} thefoundrybuffalo(.)org, 716-308-7399.

How much does it cost?

It’s free the first two times, then a minimum of $10 – you can pay more if you wish. All vendors must pay in advance before the event starts.

Dates and Deadlines

We’re committed to holding these events the second Saturday of every month. Dates for 2015 are: February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14, December 12. We occasionally add an event to a month, and will let you know in advance if we do.

Please let us know you’re going to participate (or need to cancel) at least one week in advance. If you have any special needs, please try to give us more time.

What’s the schedule on the day of the event?

Setup starts at 11am and should be done before noon. The sale runs from Noon to 4pm. If you’re doing a scheduled demonstration, confirm the time with Kevin upon arrival. Otherwise, you’re free to practice your craft and talk to shoppers about what you do as they come up to you! We love informal and formal skill-shares!

What does The Foundry provide?

We provide a heated, lighted space, live music and as much publicity and promotion as we can manage. We can provide tables and seating, but if you can bring your own table and chair, please do so. If you need electricity, we can run an extension cord to your table. If you need someone to staff your table for a few minutes, just ask. For any other needs, please contact us.

We recommend you bring your own change. A lot of people bring 20s, so it helps if you can make change for them when they buy from you.

Many of our vendors use the Square card reader system and take credit card payments on their smart phones ( It’s fairly inexpensive and requires very little setup. The Foundry has a wifi network that anyone can access; just ask Kevin for the network password.

What kind of vendor is appropriate for our Second Saturdays?

Our Second Saturday Sales are all about local business and hand-made products and artistic creations. Our preferred vendors are people who make their own products. You can sell craft items made by your friends, as long they make it themselves and you’re also selling your own creations. We love it when people make art and craft from reclaimed or unusual materials, but that’s not a requirement.

If you’re a cultural organization who sells items made by others, that’s usually appropriate. An example of this is El Buen Amigo, Santiago Masferrer’s cultural exchange and education program. Vendors who sell handmade items that promote the art and craft of their constituents are appropriate.

We usually have one or more farmers or gardeners selling the produce they grow themselves, and encourage others to join in this local market.

We’ve found that our event is popular with families and children. Because of this, we strongly suggest all vendors give serious thought to displaying or selling items that are appropriate for all ages.

Mass-produced products, reselling the work of people you have no personal connection with and flea market or yard sale goods are not appropriate.

All decisions about whether a particular vendor or item selection is appropriate, given the above guidelines, will be made by The Foundry staff.

Cultural and community organizations

We love to see cultural and community organizations promoting their programs at our events. You can pay what you can afford or nothing if your budget is low. You can bring your own display or we can provide you with part of a table. If you just want to provide us with some literature, we can add that to our Community Table and post it on our Community Bulletin Board between events.

Promotion and Publicity

The Foundry promotes our events through printed mini-flyers, email messages, press releases, our Facebook page and our websites ( and We can provide you with the mini-flyers, which we usually have available one month ahead of time.

Please promote the event to your network! If everyone invites all their friends and supporters, we’re almost guaranteed to have a successful event. Send out an email, link to us on Facebook, etc. Any publicity you can help us with would be greatly appreciated. The more people show up, the more popular the market becomes and the more sales you will have!

We’d like very much to promote our artist-vendors on our website and in our facility between events. If you have a website or a Facebook page, please let us know the url. If you have any printed promotional material (business cards or flyers), please give us a copy, as early as you can.

Here’s a link to our website events page, with details of the event so you can send an email invite to your friends:

Events at The Foundry

Laws and Regulations

This is nobody’s favorite topic, but it’s important. We expect our vendors to be aware of and compliant with laws or regulations governing their goods and the sale of those goods.

For example, the State of New York requires everyone selling retail to collect sales tax, with some exceptions, and requires vendors to register with the Department of Taxation and Finance (their website here).

The Foundry carries a comprehensive liability insurance policy. Vendors are expected to carry insurance they feel is appropriate and necessary for their business.